Influencer Interviews: Kelly Bennett, Miami University of Ohio

Mar 13, 2022

Welcome to North Ridgeville SEO's exclusive interview series with industry experts and influencers. In this edition, we had the pleasure of chatting with Kelly Bennett, an SEO specialist from Miami University of Ohio. Kelly has been instrumental in shaping the field of SEO services and has achieved remarkable success throughout her career. Let's dive into the interview and gain insights from her wealth of knowledge and experience.

Background and Introduction

Kelly Bennett is a highly respected professional in the SEO industry, known for her exceptional skills in optimizing websites for search engines. With experience spanning over a decade, Kelly has witnessed the evolution of SEO strategies and has been at the forefront of implementing the latest practices at Miami University of Ohio, where she heads the SEO services department.

The Journey to Becoming an SEO Expert

When asked about how she embarked on her SEO journey, Kelly shares, "I had always been intrigued by the digital landscape and its potential. Fascinated by the algorithmic complexities of search engines, I saw SEO as an opportunity to combine my analytical mindset and creativity, ultimately helping businesses achieve online success."

Kelly's dedication to mastering every aspect of search engine optimization led her to pursue a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Marketing. She then joined a leading digital marketing agency, where she honed her skills by working on various SEO campaigns for clients across industries.

Insights and Expertise

In this section, we delve into Kelly's insights and expertise gained through years of working in the SEO industry.

SEO Strategies for Optimizing Website Rankings

One of the foremost questions we had for Kelly was about her approach to optimizing website rankings on search engines. "It's all about understanding the target audience and aligning your content and optimization efforts accordingly," she explains. Kelly stresses the importance of conducting thorough keyword research, understanding user intent, and crafting high-quality, keyword-rich content that speaks directly to the audience's needs.

Furthermore, she emphasizes the significance of on-page optimization techniques, which include optimizing meta tags, headings, and URLs. Kelly reminds us, "While technical aspects play a crucial role, remember that user experience is paramount. Focus on delivering value and providing an exceptional user journey."

The Role of Backlinks in SEO

Backlinks play a vital role in SEO success, and Kelly sheds some light on their significance. "Backlinks act as votes of confidence from other websites, indicating to search engines that your content is valuable and authoritative," she explains. Kelly advises building a robust backlink profile through strategic outreach, content collaborations, and maintaining relationships with influential individuals and organizations.

However, she warns against falling into the trap of acquiring low-quality or spammy backlinks, emphasizing the importance of quality over quantity.

Key Takeaways from Kelly Bennett

As our conversation comes to a close, we asked Kelly to share a few key takeaways that can benefit aspiring SEO professionals and businesses aiming to enhance their online presence.

Constant Learning and Adaptation

Kelly stresses the importance of staying updated with the ever-evolving SEO landscape. "SEO is a dynamic field, and continuous learning is non-negotiable. Stay updated with industry trends, algorithm changes, and embrace new tools and technologies," she advises.

Focus on Quality and User Experience

"Your focus should always be on providing value to your audience and delivering an exceptional user experience. Search engines prioritize websites that align with user intent and offer relevant, high-quality content," Kelly emphasizes.

Collaboration and Building Relationships

Lastly, Kelly emphasizes the power of collaboration and building strong relationships within the SEO community. "Networking with fellow professionals, sharing knowledge, and collaborating on projects can accelerate your growth and open up new opportunities," she says.


It was a pleasure to gain insights from Kelly Bennett, an industry expert and influencer in the SEO field. From her journey to becoming an SEO expert to her valuable advice on ranking optimization and backlinks, Kelly's expertise shines through. We thank her for sharing her knowledge and hope you found this interview informative and inspiring.

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